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Pf Sense

In today’s world of increasing cyber-attacks, we cannot live without firewalls. A firewall is a hardware or software network security system designed to restrict unauthorized traffic to the restricted segment of a network. In a typical scenario, services that are not supposed to be reachable outside a subnet are restricted in a firewall. There are various good choices of hardware firewalls implementation in the market however in a situation where cost is a concern, cheaper options such as pfSense can be used.

fpSense is a complete  firewall software package used with PC to provide all important features of a commercial firewall devices. pfSense is based on customized FreeBSD operating system and with  LightPD web server and PHP, pfsense also has a very good web interface that simplify its administration.

Apart from providing firewall capabilities, pfSense also has powerful and flexible routing capabilities and can also be used as a Wireless access point, VPN Appliance as well as a DHCP Server appliance. pfSense software can work well in a complex network and can secure your network  at a budget.

TZ-CERT advices you to consider implementing software firewall with pfSense if you have a network that does not have a firewall and cost is a concern.

Apart from pfSense there are other firewall implementation for you to consider. Some of them are smoothwall and Untangle NG.

You can learn more about pfSense in their website https://www.pfsense.org/

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