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HONEYPOT is a network-attached system set up as a decoy to lure cyber attackers and to detect, deflect or study hacking attempts in order to gain unauthorized access to information systems. The function of a honeypot is to represent itself on the internet as a potential target for attackers, usually a server or other high-value target gathers information and notify defenders on all events.

TZ-CERT HONEYPOT reports is a weekly report generated from collected internet traffic targeting the network of Honeypot Sensors Deployed across the country that generates information that is used to establish overview of attacks trend.

Reports are generated with information of top 10 attacks with source IPs of the networks, types of malicious software distributed and types of web attacks.

The purpose of publishing these reports is to equip Computer and internet users with current attacks trend for appropriate administration of their systems and computer in order to minimize possible attacks.

Report, week 1 September 2019

Report, week 4 July 2019

Report, week 3 July 2019

Report, week 2 July 2019

Report, week 1 July 2019

Report, week 4 June 2019

Report, week 3 June 2019

Report, week 2 June 2019

Report, week 1 June 2019

Report, Week 5 May 2019

Report, Week 4 May 2019

Report, Week 3 May 2019

Report, Week 2 May 2019

Report, Week 1 May 2019

Report, Week 4 April 2019

Report ,Week 3 April 2019

Report, Week 2 April 2019

Report, Week 1 April 2019

Report, Week 4 March 2019

Report, Week 3 March 2019

Report, Week 2 March 2019

Report, Week 1 March 2019

Report, Week 4 February 2019

Report, Week 3 February 2019

Report, Week 2 February 2019

Report, Week 1 February 2019

Report, Week 4 January 2019

Report, Week 3 January 2019

Report, Week 2 January 2019

Report, Week 1 January 2019