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CERT serviceThese are proactive or reactive services aimed at prevention or resolution of computer related security incidents;

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT): A team that responds to computer security incidents by providing necessary services to solve or support their resolutions, and tries to prevent any computer related security incidents to a defined constituency;

Constituency: These are people or organizations that the TZ-CERT is designed to serve or support;

Critical ICT Infrastructure (CII): This is any physical or virtual ICT system that controls, processes, transmits, receives or stores electronic information in any form including text, voice or video that is vital to the nation;

Cyber security: Is protecting information or any form of digital asset stored in computer, computer devices, communication devices or digital memory device from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction;

Computer security: These are administrative and technical measure to attain a secure computing environment free from risk or danger by mitigating the vulnerabilities associated with usage of computer or any device with data processing capabilities;23 Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority

Guidelines: These are guiding statements, directions, and sets of simplified statements giving guidance or other indication of policy or procedure by which to determine a course of action or how something should be done. In this case, the guidelines will assist the TZ-CERT and other related organizations in establishing computer security incident response capabilities and handling incidents efficiently and effectively;

Information: Is all forms of data, documents, communications, conversations, messages, recordings, and photographs presented in a range from digital data and email to faxes and telephone conversations;

Information and Communication Technology (ICT): Is the convergence of telecommunications, broadcasting, computers, and storage and audio-visual systems in order to enable users to create access, store, transmit and manipulate information.

Information Technology InfrastructureIs an integrated framework upon which digital networks operate and such an infrastructure may include data centres, computers, computer networks, Database Management devices, and a regulatory system;

Information security: Is the administrative and technical measures taken to ensure that data is only accessible by those who are entitled to use it, modified by those who are entitled to do so, and that information system can be used by those who are entitled to use them;

National CERTmeans a computer emergency response team established under section 124 of the Electronic and Postal Communications Act;

Rulesmeans authoritative, prescribed binding directions for conduct, especially one of the simplified regulations governing procedure/ conduct of TZ-CERT, its Constituencies and Sector Specific CERTs;24 Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority

Sector Specific CERT: means a CERT that is defined or determined by service specialization, domain as well as network similarities:

Security incidentmeans the act of violating an explicit or implied security policy, which includes attempts to gain unauthorised access to a system or its data, denial of service or unwanted disruptions, unauthorised use of a system for processing or storing data and to make changes in system hardware or software without the consent of the owner;

Stakeholdersmeans an individual, group or organization from within or outside the country with an interest in the success of the National CERT and its mission;

TZ-CERTmeans a national CERT acting as a national point of contact (PoC) for collaboration and information sharing (such as incident reports and information on vulnerabilities) with other national CERTs and worldwide.